After Hours

After hours veterinary call out information

We strongly encourage checking your pets early each day and acting on any abnormalities straight away!

Waiting until an after-hours call-out is required can prolong your pet’s pain and discomfort and add unnecessary stress and expense for you. It’s also a difficult service for small businesses to provide as it requires staff to front up at all hours after a busy day at work!

A call-out by one of our vets (Drs. Jana, Sally, Levi or Mary-Lou) will incur an initial fee of $400 which includes the initial consultation. Payment is required at the time of call-out. 

Our on-call vet will assess your pet, discuss treatment options and provide an estimate of any further costs associated with any recommended and agreed treatment. If your pet needs hospital care, we require a 50% deposit on admission based on the estimated fee, which is usually the fee for treatment costs estimated over the following 24 hours.  We accept EFTPOS, credit cards or VETPAY. 

We appreciate your understanding and if you would like any further information, please call the clinic Monday to Friday 8am-6pm on (02) 6040 6995 and we can explain the after-hours process further.  If you would like a better understanding of how the long hours is affecting the vet industry in general please head over to

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