Animal Hospital Albury Wodonga

Why Choose Our Animal Hospital in Albury Wodonga?

When it comes to choosing an animal hospital in Albury Wodonga, there are many factors to consider. Years of experience in the field is one of the very first things that interest most people. Finding a veterinarian near your home or workplace might be a priority. Perhaps most important is working with a vet that makes you and your pet feel as relaxed as possible. At Dr Jana’s Pet Hub, we strive to provide all the above and more. Experience, convenience and compassionate, personalised animal care are all part of our mission statement. They are also just the beginning of what makes us a special place for pets and animals.

Services We Provide at Our Animal Hospital in Albury

  • Standard animal healthcare: We are a full-service animal hospital in Wodonga, which means you can count on us to meet all general care needs your pet may have. Routine health checks, vaccinations, medications, desexing (spay and neuter services), behavioural assessments (and much more) are all a part of our day-to-day work.
  • Puppy Preschool: Preparing your dog for a life of obedience and healthy interaction with humans and animals alike is as important as vaccinations and desexing. Dogs learn these skills best when they are young, hence our in-house Puppy Preschool program, which focuses on dogs between 8-16 weeks of age.
  • Pet food and supplies: Our animal hospital in Albury includes a shop where you can purchase supplies for your pet—including pet food, flea and tick prevention and more. Proceeds from the merchandise we sell go towards Albury Wodonga Animal Rescue (AWAR), supporting the vital role of animal rescue in our community.

In addition to donating some of our proceeds towards AWAR, we also have a Veterinary Clinic that helps support the medical needs of AWAR animals at a significantly reduced cost.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Our Animal Hospital in Albury Wodonga

Our goal is to deliver every pet owner the tools and information they need to ensure a happy, healthy life for their animal. Here are a few tips to help you set your pet up for the very best.

  • Ask about our mobile service: Perhaps it’s difficult for you to find time to get to our offices, or maybe your animal hates cars or travelling. Don’t worry: our animal hospital in Wodonga offers a mobile service and can travel to you and your animals.
  • Know when to bring your puppy or kitten to the vet: Some people assume that young animals don’t need to go to the vet for a little while after they’re born. Ideally, though, we’d see every kitten by the six to eight-week mark and every puppy by the eight to ten-week mark. That way, we can do a full exam, provide a few key vaccinations and schedule the animal for desexing.
  • Know where to go for emergencies: We are open 8 am to 6 pm throughout the week (Monday through Friday), and our Veterinary Clinic is open to the public. However, if you have an emergency with your pet after hours or on a weekend or holiday, we urge you to seek assistance from the River County Animal Emergency Centre.

Why Trust Dr Jana’s Pet Hub as Your Animal Hospital in Wodonga?

With more than 40 years of combined veterinary experience and a passion for helping all animals, you can count on us to give your pet the care and love he or she deserves. Contact us today to learn more.