Animal Hospital Albury Wodonga

Why Choose Our Animal Hospital in Albury Wodonga?

When it comes to choosing an animal hospital in Albury Wodonga, there are many factors to consider Years of experience in the field is one of the very first things that interest most people Finding a veterinarian near your home or workplace might be… … read more.

Albury After Hours Vet

We’re Your Trusted Albury Emergency Vet When Your Pet Needs Help

Our on-call vet will assess your pet, discuss treatment options and provide an estimate of any further costs associated with any recommended and agreed treatment. If your pet needs hospital care … read more.

Puppy Preschool Albury

Dr Jana’s Pet Hub Offers Puppy Preschool in Albury

With over 40 years of collective experience, Dr Jana’s Pet Hub is well known for our comprehensive vet services, but we also offer puppy preschool in Albury Puppies between the ages of eight to sixteen weeks are in a critical period where they… … read more.

Vet Practice

Dr Jana’s Pet Hub is Your Go-To Vet Practice

Dr Jana’s Pet Hub has become well known for the experienced and friendly staff that serves our vet practice We are open to the public and for rescue animals and offer a more personal vet service, getting to know your pets and their health needs as… … read more.

Albury Vet

Looking for a Mobile Albury Vet That Can Come to You

As you seek out an Albury vet to help you manage the healthcare and wellbeing for your pet(s), it is important to think about factors such as proximity and accessibility While veterinarians genuinely love animals, the feeling isn’t always… … read more.

Vet Albury Wodonga

Your Trusted Family Vet in Albury—Wodonga for Your Pet Care Needs

For your all your pet care needs, we’re your trusted family vet in Albury—Wodonga, located right at the border Our purpose-built facility offers compassionate veterinary services, emergency vet care, pet toys and supplies,… … read more.

Vet in Lavington

How to Evaluate a Vet in Lavington to Choose the Best for Your Pet

There is a myriad of factors to consider when choosing a vet in Lavington Whether you have a new puppy or an ageing, tired cat, Dr Jana’s Pet Hub combines decades of experience with a genuine love for animals Our service is… … read more.

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