Puppy Preschool in Albury Wodonga

Dr Jana’s Pet Hub Offers Puppy Preschool in Albury

With over 40 years of collective experience, Dr Jana’s Pet Hub is well known for our comprehensive vet services, but we also offer puppy preschool in Albury. Puppies between the ages of eight to sixteen weeks are in a critical period where they start to explore the world around them. Puppy preschool is designed to help acclimate these pups to the often-confusing world they live in as well as handle any questions or concerns you might have about their care.

The Importance of Puppy Classes in Albury

Dogs are pack animals at heart, and when they are young in the wild where nature intended them to be, this is a critical socialisation period to explore their pack and the greater world. As pets, they live very different lives than their ancient wild ancestors, but this period is still around, and if anything, it is more important. The modern world is a lot different than the wild, with different smells, sights and sounds. Here are a few reasons puppy school is important:

  • Your puppy’s brain is a sponge at this age, so it is a perfect time to introduce them to other dogs and learn to socialise like the pack animal they are. This introduction can keep them much calmer later in life when they meet other dogs.
  • For new pet owners, even regular training such as toilet training can be daunting. With puppy school, we will share the most effective methods to include training on the best way to discipline as well.
  • The classes also cover general training and how to care for your puppy as they grow and as an adult. This training includes grooming, preventative medicine, dental care, diet and more.

Benefits of Puppy Pre-school in Wodonga from Dr Jana’s Pet Hub

Puppy preschool is a positive experience for both you and your dog, even for puppies who live in homes with multiple dogs. You have many options available to you, but our program comes with some extra benefits. These include but are not limited to:

  • As a vet, we know the importance of vaccinations and offering a clean environment for the puppies in our program. For this reason, we require all puppies to have their vaccinations before attending.
  • At this critical age, it can be difficult for puppies to interact with older and larger puppies. Therefore, we limit the class to young puppies and keep the groups small with four or five puppies only.
  • Puppy preschool is a lot of fun, and that is something your dog will remember. By associating these fun memories with the vet, their future trips here will not upset them.

Why Dr Jana’s Pet Hub Puppy School in Wodonga is Cost-Effective

As a small, locally owned business, we have no monetary targets or bonus structures so you can be sure we will not recommend treatment for your pets that they do not need. The skills you and your puppy will learn in preschool will serve them for a lifetime. These will help you train your puppy effectively, reducing some of the stress involved as they grow into an adult dog and with the outline of preventative medicine, you will be better able to see to their health, avoiding potentially expensive bills later. If you are ready to learn more about puppy preschool and how it can help both you and your dog, contact us today.

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