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After hours veterinary information

We are currently still able to provide an in-house after-hours service to our clients/patients with a Veterinarian and nurse being ON CALL for EMERGENCIES only each night.  

We are only able to offer this service to CURRENT CLIENTS. The reason for this is we need to be able to have access to patient’s records to be able to provide an appropriate level of care. We have also identified we would put our Vets at risk of burnout if we serviced people who were not our clients, given the recent changes to other local vet clinics’ After-Hours services.   

Yes – these are the same vets and nurses who are working during the day, and yes – it is a very precarious situation in that we have an obligation to look after the health and safety of our team and also monitor the situation very carefully to ensure our team is not at risk of burn out.  

For us to provide this, we have the following services available:

Telehealth Consultations – EMERGENCY ONLY: 

  • Before 10pm –  $200.
  • After 10pm – $400.

This will be charged to your account the next business day.  


  • A Vet and nurse are available for emergency call-outs ONLY outside of normal hours – an after-hours fee of $400 applies and is payable at the time of the consultation, in addition to any other fees for the services rendered to the patient (ie. treatment costs).  

We urge clients to please check on their pets early and regularly, to identify when they are not OK, and seek veterinary care early and during hours – to avoid the after hours situation.   

If you have any concerns about your pet’s health, please call the clinic during hours. If we don’t have any appointments available on the day, we have a nurse triage system in place – which means our experienced nurses will gather some history and check your pet. Together with the vets, they are able to ascertain the level of urgency in getting your pet in to see the vet. As we are a hospital we do prioritise seeing the sickest patients.     

We appreciate your understanding regarding the supply of after-hours services. We are doing our best – as we feel this ensures a level of in-house care that we are proud of. 

If you would like a better understanding of how the long hours are affecting the vet industry in general please head over to

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