Our Mascot Max

His story

Dr Jana first met Max in October 2017, when she was the first vet to check on his health after local Canberra rescue group ARF (ACT Rescue & Foster) had found him wandering the streets of Goulburn.

When Dr Jana saw him for the first time, her heart melted as she noticed his sad, despondent eyes.  At that time he weighed 29 kg, had a filthy brown matted coat that could not be brushed, and was not desexed or microchipped.  She estimated his age to be around 18 months to two years.

Max in October 2017

Upon first meeting, Max would lean against you with his weak and frail body, desperate to be stroked.  He was extremely friendly and didn’t appear to have any negative traits.  As his coat was so badly matted, he had to be completely shaved. However, once bathed, it was a great surprise to see a near white coat emerge.

Max with Hugo

Having lost her old Beagle Snoopy to cancer 10 months previously, Dr Jana was more than eager to adopt Max.  After feeding him and slowly building up his strength for a few weeks, he was desexed, and Dr Jana and family brought him to live in his new forever home, where he soon became friends with their elderly Boxer Hugo (who has since passed away).  Over the next few months, Max came along in leaps and bounds, gained weight (to his now perfect weight of 42 kg).

Hugo and Max

He became more energetic and playful,coming to love swimming in the ocean and retrieving sticks and balls. Over time his fur grew into a beautiful coat and where he had once looked quite sad and sorry like an ugly duckling, he transitioned into a beautiful swan. He seemed to have a lot of Poodle traits, and as most people who met him were curious as to what breed he was, an Advance DNA breed detection test was sent off.  To everyone’s surprise, it came back that Max was nearly 50:50 Deerhound and Greyhound (the renowned and popular Kangaroo/Staghound hunting breed of many years ago) but with a slight bit of Mastiff mixed into him as well, which explained his stockier frame.

Max in August 2018

Over the next year, Max had become a lovable, loyal and completely uncomplicated companion to Dr Jana and her family.  He was soon called ‘the best dog we’ve ever had (even though Snoopy and Hugo still hold a very high place in Dr Jana’s heart).

Dr Jana would like to dedicate “Dr Jana’s Pet Hub” to Max and all the wonderful rescue pets out there.  May they all get a second chance to live in a loving forever home.

Dr Jana's Pet Hub
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